Audio Transfer Services

Common Ground Audio can digitize and make audio transfer copies between a variety of different formats. For example, we can transfer audio recorded on old cassette tapes to CD or other formats. As an optional service, we can also process audio to improve sound quality and reduce noise.

What formats can be digitized and transferred?

We can play back:
• Reel-to-reel tapes (all size reels and track formats)
• Phonograph records (78, 45, 33, 16 rpm, stereo or mono, up to 16″ size)
• Cassette tapes (any format)
• 8-track cartridge tapes
• NAB cartridge tapes
• Compact discs (CDs)
• Mini-discs
• DAT tapes
• Webcor or Armour-type wire recordings (from the 1940s)
• Dictation cassettes (both micro and mini)
• Sony PCM-1610 and PCM-1630 u-matic digital tapes
• Sony PCM-F1 format digital recorded on any video tape
• Noise reduction systems: Dolby-A,-B,-C,-SR, DBX type-I and type-II

We can record onto:

• Compact disc – audio CD or audio file CD-rom
• Cassette
• Reel-to-reel
• Mini-disc
• DAT tape
• Digital audio files (.wav, mp3, aiff, and more)

What can’t be transferred?

We generally can’t copy commercial recordings due to copyright restrictions. If, however, the recording is out of print and you own the original, a copy may be made for your own personal use.

What is processing?

Processing treats the original audio to reduce noise, clicks, hum, etc., or to improve the clarity of the sound. You can request to be notified if processing would improve your recording.

What does it cost?

The cost is based on the running time of the original materials as outlined in the rates below. There is a 1-hour minimum charge. NOTE: Repair of originals and (optional) processing may add significantly to the base cost. Estimates can be given upon request if there is concern about the condition of the original recording. Quantity discounts are available for large projects; please contact us for details.

• From any source to cassette with no processing (single pass, real time copy): $25.00/hour.
• From any source to cassette with processing (single pass, real time copy): $35.00/hour.
• From any source to compact disc with or without processing: $50.00/hour.
• Extra copies of compact discs: $5.00 each (includes CD and paper sleeve).
• Extra copies of cassettes: $4.00 each (if done at time of transfer).

All rates are subject to change.

What is the best way to ship original materials?

Common Ground Audio recommends that originals be sent double-boxed. That is, originals should be put in a snugly-fitting box, then packed inside another larger box filled with packing peanuts (or equivalent). Common Ground Audio can’t be held responsible for lost or damaged materials. We will insure returned original materials at customer’s request.

Please include your name, address, email address (if available) and phone number along with a description of what you would like done.

How is payment made?

When the work has been either completed or estimated, we will send the customer an invoice. Once we receive payment, the finished work and the original materials will be shipped out, and/or sent electronically, to the customer. We can accept checks, or Paypal.